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 MRI 2011-03-07 NEW


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Russian-Finnish Clinic "Scandinavia"



191014 Saint Petersburg, Liteyny pr., h. 55а, letter A

tel.: (812) 336-77-77

Branch of magnetic resonance imaging

Signa Infinity EchoSpeed, 1.5 tesla (General Electric)


Patient: Chernoknizhnaya Z.A.

Examination protocol № and registration number 8129 / 8129

Examination date: 13.01.2009

Examination area: head

Age: 2                         Sex: female

Intravenous contrasting (yes / no)     Yes


Examination report:

            On a series of control MR brain tomograms there are the images of sub-and supratentorial structures.   

            Condition after chemotherapy, limited resection of pathological mass of chiasmal-sellar zone.

            In the projection of chiasmal-sellar zone, there is the pathological mass extending to the zone of III ventricle and basal nuclei at the right with perifocal edema zone and mass-effect. The mass is irregular-shaped with rough unclear contours, cystic-solid, dimensions 43x23x49 mm. There are two large cysts: in the projection of III ventricle - round shape, dimensions 14,5x13x16 mm, and deep in the mass at the left - irregular-shaped, dimensions 21x11x14 mm. There is posterior and lateral displacement of the right cerebral peduncle.

            There are zones of raised intensity of MR-signal in the projection of anterior horns, bodies and to a lesser degree of posterior horns of lateral ventricles due to edema as a result of obstructive hydrocephalus decompensation.

            The ventricular system is sharply dilated at the supratentorial level, it is symmetric. The contours of the ventricles are even and clear. There is a compression of III ventricle with a decrease in liquor outflow from the upper parts. The sulci of subarachnoid space are not dilated; they are not visible above the parietal and occipital lobes. The brainstem shows no MR-signs of pathological changes. The cerebellar tonsils are located at the level of the opening of the great occipital foramen.


            - MR-signs of pathological mass of chiasmal-sellar zone,

            - MR-signs of obstructive hydrocephalus.

            In comparison with examination of 27.10.2008 - negative dynamics - an increase in the mass volume with displacement of the right cerebral peduncle and increase in obstructive hydrocephalus.


            Doctor:                       (signature)                  Totolyan A.A. – ~ 43 Mb  (DICOM) – ~ 37 Mb  (JPG 2007-17-01 – 2008-06-04)







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