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The advisory conclusion

Public health Committee of  the  Saint-Peterburg  city administration
children's city hospital Nº 1
pathologic department
14, Avangardnaya str, St. Petersburg, 198205, Russia, tel: 735-91-02

the advisory conclusion on preparations 1795-1804/08 (Nº906/08)

Patient: Chernoknizhnaya Zlata

Age: 2 years the

Clinical diagnosis: the Tumour of optic chiasm

The Microscopic description: the tumour is presented by the extended cages forming muffs round vessels. Moderate cellular polymorphism, a significant amount of vessels, perivascular lymphoid infilttion is marked. Come to light eosinophil granular corpuscles.

The conclusion: juvenile pilocytic astrocytoma (glioma of optic nerve)

The doctor: Popov C.D.