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MRI 04.06.2008

Hospital Nº 31

magnetic resonance imaging

Magneton "Open" Siemens

Patient: Chernoknizhnaya Zlata

YOB: 2006

research Area: a head, intravenous contrast study  3,0 ml magnevist

research date: 04.06.2008

Sequences T1, T2, Flair in standard projections.

In comparison with previous MRI data the increase in the sizes of tumour of chiasm-cellaral areas - 4,6x2,9x4,1 cm (from 14.03.2008 - 3,7x2,9x3,5) is defined. Cyst component has mainly increased in the upper-back part of trumour. The tumour carries out the expanded “Turkish saddle”, supracellular tank, extends to optic canals anteversionally, causes a brain stem anteversion. Compression  of interpeduncular cistern, the third and right lateral ventricles is more expressed than on the previous MRI. The right thalamus, the right internal capsule are invased. Left lateral ventricle has increased in sizes, its width at body level - 1,4 cm (right ventricle - 0,7 cm) Subaranhoidalnye convexital spaces, basal cisterns are narrow. Cerebellar tonsil are located at level big cervical apertures.

The conclusion: Trumour of chiasm-cellaral, continued growth.

The doctor: Bolshakova T.N.