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MRI 01.08.2008

Hospital Nº 31

magnetic resonance imaging

Magneton "Open" Siemens

Patient: Chernoknizhnaya Zlata

YOB: 2006

research Area: a head, intravenous contrast study  3,0 ml magnevist

research date: 01.08.2008

Sequences T1, T2, Flair in standard projections.

A condition after craniotomy, partial removal of a tumour chiasm areas 26.07.2008.

The sizes of the remained tumour of chiasm-cellaral areas - 2,9x1,9x4,3 cm (compared with  - 4,6x3,9x4,1 from 04.06.2008). Tumour structure the homogeneous. The cyst part  is removed. Optic chiasm is invased , optic tracts are more expressed on the left. The convincing data for optic nerves invasion are not defined.

The third ventricle is moderately squeezed on the right contour. Lateral ventricles are of normal sizes. The brain stem is not squeezed.

 Postoperative linear defect of a frontal bone. In the left frontotemporal  and parietal area gidroma in the width 1,1 is detected. Small cyst 2x4 mm (postoperative) in the cushion of a corpus callosum. Cerebellar tonsil are located normally.

The doctor: Bolshakova T.N.